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Yea, i have a problem. The names Jen.

I like a guy i work with, and I'm afraid to ask him out. I have trouble getting out what i want to say, i really like him, and i seriously doubt he likes me. ( i have major self esteem issues) what do you think i should do? I know alot of people say, just to get it over with, but i dont think i can.

Help x.x
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Hey jen,
what i think u should do is think about the pros and cons of asking him out. If you feel that its worth it go for it. I know if he says no it might be a blow to your self esteem but hey what i always say it takes time to find the one that will say yes, so just really think about it and if u see its worth it go for girl.
Thanks alot, I Most Definatly will weigh the pros and cons.


x Jen
Hey man, i know how it feels to have self esteem issues and ive been in your shoes plenty of times. The best thing is to hold on, know him better then like blue says think hard, giving him some time might make him see how great of a person you are. Like they've said take the plunge, but wait until your ready. Keep in contact and let us know how it works out hun.

Goodluck <3

Sucks to be in my shoes, Thanks a billion <3 i plan on keeping in touch,
my sn is captain 0bvi0uss =)